Are ebony and ivory living together in perfect harmony?


This entry is going to be one of my more serious entries.

I am a white woman in an extremely healthy relationship with a black guy. We live together. We breathe together. We game together.

In town I get looks from some people. Some are approving and some are not so approving. To those of you who approve and are reading this way to go! * hi- 5* To those of you who don’t shame on you.

Look around and see how many things “shouldn’t go together” yet they do perfectly. Pickles and ice cream? Ranch and pizza? All these things are great and no one makes a big deal about them but when it comes to relationships between blacks and whites people lose their marbles completely. Ever looked at a checkerboard? How about black and white pictures? There are black and white things together constantly. Why does it matter when it’s people?

I know we’ve all been told that interracial relationships are bad by parents because we need to stick to our own race. I hate to burst your (old fashioned living people) bubble, but there is only one race. THE HUMAN RACE. Skin color does not make a race, if you think that you are sadly mistaken. The only way people could possibly ever be close to saying we have different races would be if that is what people consider religion is now. Even that would be a crappy reason.

"Hate is like a blind man driving a train one a broken track towards a death and crippled kid; the ending is never of peace"

Here are just a few examples of how black and white can be absolutely beautiful together. It doesn’t change because of people. People who believe that need to look around and learn that it’s new revolution and people are changing and accepting new ideas and beliefs.

So please tell me, why is it that black and white cannot go together? Or any mixed relationship for that reason? Is it because back in the day it was frowned on and we feel that we as today’s generation must carry that on into the future or otherwise it’s a slap in the face to our grandparents? Don’t follow in their footsteps. Make your own decisions and stand up for what you believe in. It’ll do that world a huge favor one day.


About Alice

I blow out the candles September 26th. I'm a work in progress. Like everything else in life, I am constantly changing, however I stay rooted to who I am. I'm a photographer, it's one of my greatest passions. Also, I love music. I have an endless playlist in my head that just keeps growing and growing. There is always music in my head or in the background. You will also notice as you read my blogs that I like to introduce bands to the world as I learn about them.

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  1. I support you girl 🙂 love is love and only God can judge 🙂 I love you 🙂 and nothing can change that ❤

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